5 Ways to Pay off Credit Card Debt

Hey there! Dealing with credit card debt can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, but don’t worry, you’ve got options! Ever heard of debt consolidation? It’s like bundling up all your debts into one manageable package. And there are other strategies too, like chatting with your creditors about new payment plans or seeking help…

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What is an Affirmative Defense ZumaZip
What is an Affirmative Defense?

Exactly! An affirmative defense is a legal argument a defendant presents to prove they are not responsible for the alleged debt. In a debt collection lawsuit, these defenses outline reasons why the defendant shouldn’t be held liable for the debt. It’s crucial to include these defenses when responding to the lawsuit. And that’s where ZumaZip…

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What is FCRZ Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance New court opinion clarifies stand ZumaZip
What does FCRA stand for?

The FCRA protects consumers from unfair or damaging activity on their credit scores, but what exactly does that mean? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the FCRA. FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act. According to this act, the law requires that consumers’ credit information is accurate, protected, and used…

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Single Girl sitting at the desk in the office working ZumaZip
What Debt Collectors Cannot Do — FDCPA Explained

If you’re sued for a debt and the collector violated the FDCPA, use ZumaZip to respond in 15 minutes and win your lawsuit. Debt collectors are known for being aggressive, rude, and even threatening in their efforts to try and get someone to repay an alleged delinquent account. It is important to understand that you do not…

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What is it Called When You Represent Yourself in Court ZumaZip.com
What is it Called When You Represent Yourself in Court?

When you represent yourself in court, it’s called appearing pro se, Latin for “for oneself.” Pro per means the same thing and is preferred in some states, such as Louisiana. Representing yourself can save you a fortune on legal costs, but it also comes with substantial risk. ZumaZip helps pro se litigants respond to debt collection lawsuits. Representing…

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How to Beat Javitch Block in a Debt Lawsuit ZumaZip Settle Det
How to Beat Javitch Block in a Debt Lawsuit

Sued for a debt by Javitch Block? This guide is for you. Use ZumaZip to respond in 15 minutes. If you’ve fallen behind on your financial obligations (examples: credit card payments, student loan payments, mortgage payments, etc.), there is a high probability that one or more creditors will turn your delinquent account, or accounts, over to a…

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Trident Asset Managemanet TAM - Resolve Debt Zip through debt disputes with ZumaZip.com Respond Settle Arbitrate - Your Legal Lifeline
Trident Asset Management: Who are they and How to respond?

Having a debt collector contact you continuously is mentally draining. Trident Asset Management (TAM) is a debt collection agency that does just that. TAM debt collectors contact consumers to ask them to pay outstanding debts that have been outstanding for more than 90–180 days. TAM uses all means possible to collect a debt, including adding…

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Should I Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney ZumaZip
Should I Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Looking to kickstart a civil lawsuit? It’s always a good idea to explore having some legal support on your side. And if you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit, don’t fret! You can still triumph without needing a lawyer. Simply turn to ZumaZip for assistance in responding to a debt collection lawsuit,…

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3 Tips on How to Represent Yourself in Court ZumaZip Settle
3 Tips on How to Represent Yourself in Court

Representing yourself effectively in court requires a solid grasp of relevant laws and procedures, thorough preparation, organization, and a respectful, professional demeanor. ZumaZip offers a valuable resource to help you navigate this process by assisting in drafting and filing an Answer for your case. By utilizing ZumaZip, you can kickstart the process of self-representation with…

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How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment ZumaZip.com
How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment

If your paycheck is getting smaller because of wage garnishment for federal student loans, you’ve got options to stop it. One way is to arrange a hearing with your loan servicer and explain how it’s causing you a lot of hardship. For private loans, you can try appealing the garnishment or paying off the loan…

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Medical Bills ZumaZip Settle Debt
Do I Need a Lawyer for Medical Bills?

When medical debt is sold to collections, it is because a collection agency has either purchased the debt or been hired to collect the debt by the original creditor. ZumaZip.com for FREE Help and DIY resources. Typically this debt will then be reported to one, or all, of the three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and…

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Respond to a Summons for Credit Card Debt ZumaZip.com
Respond to a Summons for Credit Card Debt

When you get a credit card debt Summons, it’s essential to act fast. Write a short and clear Answer denying the claims and explaining your side. Make sure to include any defenses you have. Then, file it with the court and the plaintiff’s attorney before the deadline in your state. This step is crucial to…

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How to Beat Integras Capital Recovery LLC

Are you being sued by Integras Capital Recovery LLC? Find out how to beat them in court with ZumaZip. If you recently realized that you are being sued for debt by Integras Capital Recovery, LLC then you may be wondering who this debt collection agency is and what your next step should be. Integras Capital Recovery,…

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How to Beat Autovest LLC in Court ZumaZip Settle Debt
How to Beat Autovest LLC in Court

If you’ve been sued for a debt by Autovest LLC, use ZumaZip to respond in just 15 minutes and win your lawsuit. Have you received a debt collection lawsuit filed by Autovest LLC? If so, then you are part of a large group of individuals that Autovest sues every year in its attempt to claim debts owed…

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How to Beat Alliance One ZumaZip Settle
How to Beat Alliance One

Is Alliance One suing you for an old debt? Don’t let them win without a fight! You can beat Alliance One in court! Getting harassed by a debt collector with Alliance One is oftentimes stressful and anxiety-inducing. Why? Because it is quite common for Alliance One and other large debt collection agencies will utilize inappropriate…

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How to Stop Calls From 800-955-6600

Are you getting multiple calls from 800-955-6600? This number belongs to a debt collection agency called the Northland Group. You can stop these calls with a Cease and Desist letter or by reporting violations of the FDCPA. And if you’ve been sued, ZumaZip.com will help you file an Answer to the lawsuit. The first time they called,…

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