How to Beat Pallida LLC in Court

Are you being sued by Pallida LLC? Find out how to respond at to a debt collection lawsuit from Pallida LLC and win in court. When it comes to a debt lawsuit, most likely the person or company suing you is not your original creditor. This is because your debt is often sold to…

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Stop calls from 888-912-7925

If you receive incessant calls from 888-912-7925, figure out why and how to stop them. Everyone experiences annoying calls from random numbers and, if you dare answer, the odds are high that you will find a pre-recorded, robocall message on the other end. Hundreds of people around the country receive calls from 888-912-7925. If you…

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Can I Still Settle a Debt After Being Served ZumaZip Settle by ZumaZip
Can I Still Settle a Debt After Being Served?

Yes, it is indeed possible to address a debt lawsuit after being served. The recommended approach entails promptly filing a response and subsequently initiating contact with the opposing party to propose a settlement. Utilizing platforms such as can streamline the response process to a mere 15 minutes, providing individuals with the necessary means to…

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Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC ZumaZip
Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC

Facing a lawsuit from Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC can be daunting, but it’s crucial to take action within the allotted timeframe. You typically have up to 35 days to respond before risking a default judgment against you. Filing an Answer document with the court is essential, as it allows you to address each claim made…

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Medicredit How to Beat Them in Court Zumazip Stop Debt Collector Calls
Medicredit — How to Beat Them in Court

Sued for a debt by Medicredit? This guide is for you. Use ZumaZip to respond in 15 minutes. Receiving multiple phone calls and letters from debt collection agencies like Medicredit can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience for many folks. These interactions are usually hostile and feature unethical, improper pressure tactics to try and persuade…

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Keep getting calls from 202-367-9070 about owing a debt? can help you block their calls and resolve the debt. Are you receiving multiple calls from 202-367-9070? Are they ignoring your request to stop calling? You’re probably wondering why. 202-367-9070 is a number used by the IC System: a debt collection agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota…

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How to Beat the Law Office of Michael J Scott ZumaZip Settle Debt
How to Beat the Law Office of Michael J Scott

Are you being sued by the Law Office of Michael J Scott? Not sure who that is and whether you should just ignore it? Don’t ignore that lawsuit! Learn how you should respond at and how you can win in court! The law office of Michael J Scott represents a wide variety of creditors.…

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How to Beat NRC Collection Agency in Court ZumaZip Settle Debt
How to Beat NRC Collection Agency in Court

Are you being sued by NRC Collections? Find out who Nations Recovery Center is and how to win against them in court. Wins! The recent global pandemic has left many people cash-strapped and prompted some states to prohibit creditors and debt collectors from engaging in specific debt collection actions, including filing lawsuits. However, the…

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Two young women with computer sitting at the desk in the office working ZumaZip
3 Tips on How to Represent Yourself in Court

The best way to represent yourself in court is to understand relevant laws and procedures, come prepared and organized, and be respectful and professional. You can use ZumaZip to draft and file an Answer into your case and start the process of representing yourself. Can you represent yourself in court? The answer is yes, and it has…

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Medical Debt Statute of Limitations by State ZumaZip settle Debt
Medical Debt Statute of Limitations by State

The statute of limitations on medical bills ranges from three to ten years, but it varies by state. Even if the statute of limitations on your medical debt has expired, the debt can still affect your credit score for up to seven years. If you’ve been sued for medical debt, use ZumaZip to draft and file…

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How to Beat Salander Enterprises LLC ZumaZip Settle Debt
How to Beat Salander Enterprises LLC

Are you being sued by Salander Enterprises LLC for an old debt? Learn why they’re suing you and how to win your case with the right defense. When it comes to debt collection lawsuits, it is typically a situation that you never want to find yourself in. Unfortunately, almost 70 million Americans are in…

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