February 4, 2024

How to Stop Calls from 800-390-7584

How to Stop and Block Call from Debt Collectors and Telemarketers ZumaZip Settle Debt

Receiving phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize is irritating. You might be dealing with a spammer, or a debt collector may be on the other end of the line. If someone from 1-800-390-7584 contacts you, they’re calling from Enhanced Recovery Company. ZumaZip.com explains how to handle the matter.

It’s a busy day, and you’re diligently dealing with work responsibilities. Suddenly, your cell phone starts ringing, and 1-800-390-7584 appears on the caller ID. You have no idea who the caller is, so you ignore it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, and 1-800-390-7584 calls you seven more times over the next week.

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re dealing with a collection agency known as Enhanced Recovery Company. Also known as Enhanced Resource Centers or ERC, this company contracts aging debts with various creditors and attempts to collect them from the individuals who owe them.

What to know about Enhanced Recovery Company

Enhanced Recovery Company is a collection agency headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. It also has branches in Orange Park, FL, and Waycross, GA. The mailing address for its corporate location is 8014 Bayberry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256. It lists several phone numbers on its website, including 1-800-507-0052 and 1-800-383-5979.

If you’re receiving phone calls from ERC, it’s likely pursuing you for an old debt you may owe. You should receive written communication from the company that further identifies the debt and allows you to request validation. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have 30 days to request verification upon receiving an initial debt collection notice.

Do you need help asking ERC to validate a debt? Use ZumaZip’s Debt Validation Letter template.

You can ask Enhanced Recovery Company to stop calling you

If you’re tired of hearing from Enhanced Recovery Company, you don’t have to put up with those constant calls. The FDCPA requires debt collectors to cease communications with a consumer if the consumer puts their request in writing and sends it to the collection agency.

Upon receipt of your written request, ERC can contact you only if it plans to invoke a specific remedy available to it, like a debt collection lawsuit, or to advise that it is stopping its collection efforts.

Let’s consider an example.

Example: Tony owes his cell phone company $1,000 for an unpaid debt. Enhanced Recovery Company contracts the debt and starts calling Tony from 1-800-390-7584. Tony writes ERC a letter requesting that it stop the calls. Upon receipt of Tony’s letter, ERC blocks calls to Tony concerning his account.

Example: Tony owes his cell phone company $1,000 for an unpaid debt. Enhanced Recovery Company contracts the debt and starts calling Tony from 1-800-390-7584. Tony writes ERC a letter requesting that it stop the calls. Upon receipt of Tony’s letter, ERC blocks calls to Tony concerning his account.

Avoiding Enhanced Recovery Company won’t make a debt go away

If you legitimately owe a debt that Enhanced Recovery Company is chasing you for, requesting that it stop contacting you won’t make the debt disappear. ERC may wait a few months to see if you’ll act on the obligation, but if you don’t, it may sue you.

A debt lawsuit is something you don’t want to deal with. If you lose the claim, ERC will obtain a judgment it can use to garnish your wages or seize money from your bank account.

If you receive a debt lawsuit notice from ERC, taking action quickly is critical. Your first step is to file an Answer that outlines your defenses to the claim against you.

An Answer is essential because it prevents ERC from asking the judge for a default judgment. Instead, you’ll get to defend yourself in front of the court. If the case isn’t valid, you can provide supporting evidence backing up your defense.

However, if you think ERC will likely win the case, it’s time to bite the bullet and either repay the debt or settle it. Repaying the debt means you’ll lose some money up front, but you won’t need to worry about the repercussions of a judgment.

If it’s not possible to come up with the money to repay your debt completely, you can try settling it instead. In a debt settlement, you’ll offer ERC a portion of the obligation in a lump-sum payment before your court date. In exchange, it will agree to drop the lawsuit and forgive the remaining balance you owe.

There are ways to stop calls from 1-800-390-7584

If you’re tired of hearing from 1-800-390-7584, you’ll need to send Enhanced Recovery Company a written letter asking it to stop calling you. ERC must comply with your request upon receipt of the letter. However, stopping the calls doesn’t mean that your debt will go away. If ERC decides to sue you, it will contact you again.

Stop an Enhanced Recovery Company debt lawsuit by settling your claim. ZumaZip Settle can help you through the process.

What is ZumaZip?

ZumaZip is a convenient solution designed to streamline your response to a debt collection lawsuit. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you use ZumaZip:

Firstly, you’ll access our user-friendly web application, which guides you through the process step by step. You’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions related to your specific situation. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you have the option to either print out the finalized forms and mail them to the appropriate courts yourself, or you can opt to utilize ZumaZip’s services to file them on your behalf. Additionally, if you choose this option, an attorney will review your document for added peace of mind.

If you’re seeking guidance on how to effectively respond to a debt collection lawsuit, ZumaZip can provide the assistance you need. Feel free to explore our FAQs for more information on what ZumaZip has to offer.

What if I haven’t been sued yet?

If you’ve only received a collections notice, but not a lawsuit, the best way to respond is with a Debt Validation Letter. When a debt collector contacts you in any way, whether it’s by phone or mail, you can respond by formally requesting a debt validation with a Debt Validation Letter . This letter notifies the collector that you dispute the debt and forces them to provide proof you owe the debt. They can’t call you or continue collecting until they provide validation of the debt. This flowchart shows how you can use a Debt Validation Letter to win.

Get started with a Debt Validation Letter here.

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