February 25, 2024

Stop calls from 877-317-0948


Does a robot keep calling you from 877-317-0948? This is a debt collection agency called Convergent Outsourcing Inc., and ZumaZip.com can help you get them off your back.

You sit at your desk, psyched to check every task off your to-do list. Your phone rings and you decide you can take one last call before you get to work. Instead of a cheerful greeting from someone you know, it’s a robocall, some prerecorded message telling you to dial certain digits. You are angry. You decide to hang up, but now you are distracted.

Who calls you from 877-317-0948? What do they want? Why was there no human on the other end? And how can you make the calls stop?

877-317-0948 is the number for Convergent Outsourcing Inc., a third-party debt collector. Convergent is a legitimate company that claims to have been in business for over six decades. If Convergent calls you, they are trying to get money from you. Some debt collectors prefer using robocalls instead of humans to save on costs.

As of February 2022, Convergent Outsourcing wasn’t BBB accredited, and you couldn’t see any reviews on BBB. However, a simple “Convergent Outsourcing reviews” search on Google reveals a sad state of affairs. Many consumers are not happy. They are tired of the company’s spam calls, can’t get the company to validate debts, and are sometimes harassed by callers who threaten them with legal action.

So, how do you stop the calls? First, let’s talk about robocalls.

Be careful with debt collector robocalls

Before you respond to robocalls, you should be wary of the possible dangers. Scammers use pre-recorded messages to get information from potential targets. Avoid dialing any digits as directed by robocalls. Robocalls are so prevalent that the government came up with restrictions to stop robocalls and texts.

Even when you are sure it’s a legitimate company, it’s best to hang up and contact the company through different means. Convergent Outsourcing claims that you can stop the calls by calling 1-855-728-9701 or filling out the contact form on their website. Remember, it’s always best to keep a record of all communications with debt collectors.

Convergent Outsourcing’s address is 800 SW 39th Street, Suite 100 Renton, WA 98057. Contact Convergent to let them know that you prefer written communication.

Validate and verify every debt

Give yourself a break from the calls by asking Convergent to validate and verify your debt. First, every debt collector is required by law to send a validation notice of the debt within five days of contacting you. Once you receive that letter, send back a Debt Validation Letter to Convergent. It’s good practice to pay for a return receipt so that you’re sure the company received your letter.

Validating the debt requires the company to prove that the debt is yours. They must provide the necessary documentation. The letter also demands that Convergent reports the debt as disputed. This process stops the calls and puts you in control of the situation. You may even find out that the debt is past the statute of limitations of your state, and you don’t have to pay.

Sending a Debt Validation Letter is a great option when dealing with debt collectors. Many debt collection agencies, like Convergent Outsourcing, purchase old debts from creditors for less than 10% of the original amount. In the process of purchasing debts, collectors often lose the proper documentation necessary to validate a debt. So, there’s a good chance Convergent will give up collection efforts after receiving a request for validation. 

Report harassment and abuse of your rights

You have rights. Before November 30, 2021, debt collectors could call as many as fifteen times a day. Now they can’t. It’s against the law for them to:

  • Spam call you
  • Lie to you
  • Harass you
  • Send you postcards
  • Call you late in the night

If Convergent Outsourcing oversteps any FDCPA guidelines, you can report them to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Write a Cease and Desist Letter

Send a Cease and Desist Letter to Convergent Outsourcing Inc. This letter asks the company to stop contacting you regarding the debt.

You may decide to send a Cease and Desist Letter if aggressive debt collectors are harassing you. If they call you at night or call your workplace, friends, and family about your debt, you can use the letter to make them stop.

There may be repercussions if you stop Convergence Outsourcing from contacting you. The company may decide to sue you to recover the money. A lawsuit does not mean you lose. If you Answer promptly with ZumaZip.com, you can win against Convergent Outsourcing.

As mentioned before, if debt collectors continue calling you to collect the debt after you send a Cease and Desist Letter, report them to the CFPB.

Can the national “do not call list” help?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply register your number with the national do not call list and have no unknown number call you? Getting your phone number on the do not call list is simple, and it’s free, but here is what you should know.

Having your number listed on the do not call list doesn’t necessarily stop debt collectors from calling you if the debt is legitimate. However, you protect yourself from robocalls and unsolicited marketing. It also reduces the chances of scammers calling you.

You can beat Convergent Outsourcing

You don’t have to endure the calls. Buy time with a Debt Validation Letter or send a Cease and Desist Letter. Report harassment and any other abuse of your rights to the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


What is ZumaZip?

ZumaZip is a convenient solution designed to streamline your response to a debt collection lawsuit. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you use ZumaZip:

Firstly, you’ll access our user-friendly web application, which guides you through the process step by step. You’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions related to your specific situation. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you have the option to either print out the finalized forms and mail them to the appropriate courts yourself, or you can opt to utilize ZumaZip’s services to file them on your behalf. Additionally, if you choose this option, an attorney will review your document for added peace of mind.

If you’re seeking guidance on how to effectively respond to a debt collection lawsuit, ZumaZip can provide the assistance you need. Feel free to explore our FAQs for more information on what ZumaZip has to offer.

What if I haven’t been sued yet?

If you’ve only received a collections notice, but not a lawsuit, the best way to respond is with a Debt Validation Letter. When a debt collector contacts you in any way, whether it’s by phone or mail, you can respond by formally requesting a debt validation with a Debt Validation Letter . This letter notifies the collector that you dispute the debt and forces them to provide proof you owe the debt. They can’t call you or continue collecting until they provide validation of the debt. This flowchart shows how you can use a Debt Validation Letter to win.

Get started with a Debt Validation Letter here.

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